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do not discourage him

回答和翻译如下: 信心不足。 Lack of confidence.

自信[zì xìn] confident [释义]self-confidence; self-confident; believe in oneself; assuredness; be sure of oneself; [网络]Confidence; confidence; self-assurance; [例句]她天生就充满自信。 She was born with a healthy dose of self-...

crack one's confidence.

看了一下众人答案,这些可以: Believe in yourself. You should have confidence in yourself 要我说,那就是 Just have a little faith. 因为这是《越狱第一季》Michael的名言,非常出名!你要是平时说的话,那可是相当酷的。当然,要是考试什...

I almost lost my confidence.

1.You have to be first, best or different. —— Loretta Lynn 你必须是第一, 或者最好的, 或者与众不同。 ——洛莱特·林恩 2.Confidence doesn't need any specific reason. If you're alive , you should feel 100 percent confident. 自信不...

1. 鼓励学生努力学习,成为成功的英语学习者 教师可以强调的是,每个人都可以成为一个成功的学习者,只要他试图努力。正如谚语所说,“功夫不负有心人。”机会对每个人都是均等的,如果一个人正在学习英语,并能坚持,他将一定会成功。 因此,教师...

非常感谢你在我大学多次时帮助我 在我使我拥有了生活的信心和勇气 Thank you very much for your help me when my university many times in my life that I have the confidence and courage

build/set up/establish/create confidence 都对 但我喜欢用 build confidence Build your confidence Express others with your homor and knowledge! 树立自己 用你的知识和幽默向他人展示你自己!

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