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就算: [ jiù suàn ] 1. (conj) given that... 2.granted that ... Examples: 1. 就算你对,可你要论证这一点却非易事。 Grant that you are correct, you may find it hard to prove your point. 2. "亲爱的,我今晚会早早回家的。""那好极了,"...

Even if you do not go with us, we will start the journey in two days. 就算你不和我们一起去,我们照样两天后出发!(含了又怎么样的意思。) 所以,even if 就行了,不需要把又怎么样写出来,后面的主句已经明白了,否则就不是英语。

……怎么样 What about.... How about... 如果满意,请记得采纳,谢谢(*^__^*) 嘻嘻

就算……也不会…… even if... not ... Even if you are telling the truth this time, I will not believe you. 就算你这次是在说实话,我也不会相信你。 Even if he is very rich, I will not borrow any money from him. 就算他非常富有,我也不...

The project in Sichuan is not that hurry. And We will keep up with it. 算了是什么意思? 你让他回来? 如果是的话就加这么一句:You can come back now. You can come back now.The project in Sichuan is not that hurry. And We will kee...

就算失去所有又怎样,我一样要快乐地活下去 Even if I lost all what I like to live in happiness 重点词汇 就算even if; granted that 失去lose; kiss good-bye 怎样how; what about 一样equally; the same; alike; as... as

Even if you really don't care, but in your heart there will always be unwilling

What's the use of liking her? I don't even know if she is unhappy. even if I know what identity I have to care about her, don't be silly. 望采纳

蝴蝶结[húdié jié]英语 1.bow 2.butterfiy knot 3.bowknot 4.bow-tie 例句 1.Add a length of ribbon tied in a bow. 再用一段丝带,系个蝴蝶结。 2.A butterfiy knot symboiizes changes.蝴蝶结代表着变化。3.There is a pretty bowknot on her...

把目标定在月亮上,就算你得不到月亮,也能和星星站在一起 set your goal on the moon, then even if you can't get the moon you can be with the stars

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