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needn't. 不需要。 need v.需要;必需 n.需要;必要;缺乏 aux.需要,必须(无时态、人称变化,后与不带 to 的动词不定式连用,多用于疑问句和否定句) 用作动词 (v.) 例句 You look tired. You need a good rest. 你看来累了。你需要好好休息一...

unwanted 就是不需要了,如果用need 只能用 don't need

no need

I don't need it right now

thank you, but i do not need it.

我的理解: “你要不要?” 很简单的一句话,从字面上理解,不少人会直接想到want这个词,然后直接翻译成Do U want it or not? 实际上,如果从语境和英语思维角度考虑一下,这里的“要”不一定是want哦。让我们设想一下语境吧。在街边摊上,一位顾客...

算了,不需要了,不用了 算了可以说.it's ok 不需要了就说it;s enough 不用了和不需要了一样

1. have to 2. cannot but 3. have no choice or option but to 4. can't help it 5. can't avoid 近义词或词组 cannot help but | cannot help | have reason to | could not but | can not but | can not help | be compelled to | could not ...

也不: 1. neither 2. nor 例句与用法: 1. 他既不会读也不会写。 He can neither read nor write. 2. 第一个不是好的,第二个也不好。 The first isn't good, and neither is the second. 3. 这里冬天既不热也不冷。 It is neither hot nor cold ...

你好,一共有3个词可表达这个意思~_~ need,want,require。词组也有很多,in need of… ,call for …可以看情况选用~_~ 比如:I need some water. I want some water. I am in need of some water. 祝你好运~_~

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