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1.have a picnic2.go swimming3.fall from4.fly kites5.make snowmen6.on muddy roads7.takes a trip8.in the sunny weatherVI.1.snowy2.snow3.during4.when

1.I am tired.I _would like to____ have a rest.2.The girl _does well _____ at school.So the teacher asks all the children to learn from her.3.Jim sits on the left,Amanda sits on the right and I sit _in the middle of_____ them.4.Echo likes singing songs and she wants to be a singer__in the future____.

1. how much too little2. how many too many3. how many too few4. how much too much5. how much too little6. how many too many 7. how much too muchhow many 意为“有多少”,修饰可数名词;how much,也是“有多少”,但修饰不可数名词.

1.have to 2.be lost3.wait for4.play with5.to take a walk6.take photos7.go out8.talk with9.look for10.arrive in

1 homework2 can't3 with4 for5 reading6 does 7 bed8 get9 joins 10 practice

1 killed2 way (in the way 词组固定搭配)3 gone4 place5 cause6 destroyed7 grow8 Luckily9 raise 过去时也可以,但人们不止在过去为了动物们募集吧,所以建议用一般现在更通顺(raise money 募集)10 danger (词组固定搭配)

1 feels like2 activities3 tries4 different differences5 below6 building



1. studying 2. wrote 3. something 4. largest 5. scary 6. its 7. kites 8. animal 9. peaceful 10. like

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