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Tu Me Manques—Sheryfa Luna 不知道你喜不喜欢俄国的歌曲。这首歌虽然听不懂在说什么 但是旋律很好听。 Nothing's Gonna Change My—WestLife 。 安静的一首歌。要好好感受。 强推 Lost in Paradise—王若琳 慵懒的女声。~ 希望你喜欢。 Just the...

we always have a hope before we do anything

Ignite 播放 歌手:Kristinia DeBarge 语言:英语 所属专辑:Young & Restless 发行时间:2013-04-24

《barie girl》,《take me to you heart》,《fly》,《be what you wanna be》,《the wrong things》.贾斯丁比伯的歌,还有《CPH girls》。这几个是我经常听的。

Michael Learns To Rock - Take Me To Your Heart Hiding from the rain and snow Trying to forget but I won't let go Looking at a crowded street Listening to my own heart beat So many people all around the world Tell me where do I ...

You Deserve it - JJ Hairston & Youthful Praise 这首是首福音(唱哈利路亚的)可能不是这首… 还能提供多点吗

我估计你说的是love is color blind 就是开头旋律是卡农 3- 2- 1- 7- 6- 5- 6- 7- 然后是rap,差不多有: yeah what's up it's tq& sarah again ................ that's right we got a serious situation..... 然后就是sarah connor唱的了,好听~...

这样说谁知道啊是不是下面这首歌。 Dream it possible

Vanessa Carlton的A Thousand Miles? 我自己都觉着不是😂 手机百度知道可以发语音的,你还记得旋律的话可以哼唱一下我听听。

shut up and drive call me maybe gitlfriend--艾薇儿 smile our song--taylor swift here's to never growing up we are never ever getting back together WHO SAYS buttons sway 22--taylor swift what makes you beautiful(超赞one directio...

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