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The man in the car is his father.The picture on the wall is my brother's.The techer in the classroom is from America.The pen under the desk is Jim's.The girl in the library is beautiful.

介词短语做定语的句子:The book on the desk is mine./ We should help the people in need. / I am writing a book about the life of the air men.副词作状语的句子:The children are singing happily. / Please speak up a bit so that we can hear you clearly./ Read aloud,chidren.【俊狼猎英】团队为您解答.

这两组的区别:The boy in blue is my brother. 是简单句,而The boy who is in blue is my brother. 则是复合句,其中who is in blue 是定语从句,修饰boy.The book written by my father is my favorite. 简单句,其中written by my father不是介词短语,而是过去分词短语作定语,修饰book;The book which is written by my father is my favorite.复合句

其实介词作定语和作状语是介词短语的两个功能,对于介词短语来说没什么区别,只是它所修饰的东西是不一样的.做定语时修饰名词,代词,而作状语时主要修饰动词.应该根据所修饰的词来判断介词是状语还是定语.比如说你的例句中,第一句就是about引导的介词短语修饰an artical,所以这个介词短语这就是定语,而第二句中for引导的介词短语修饰has lived这个动词,所以这个介词短语就是状语.

作状语:I walk across the street.("across the street"作状语)作表语:He is at home.("at home"作表语)作定语:She losts her interest in chemistry.("in chemistry"作定语)作补语:You give a question to me.("to me"作补语)

状语 He was born in October,1986.表语 He is in hospital.定语 Do you know the girl in red?补语 Make yourself at home.

意思上没什么区别. 从结构上说,=之前的是简单句,句中只有一个主谓结构.=之后是含有定语从句的复合句,具有两个以上的主谓结构,比前者更嗦罢了.也就是说,前者在口语中更常用.

介词是虚词,不能充当任何句子成分.只能构成介词短语,这样才可以作定语.介词短语作定语要后置,也就是放到所修饰的词的后面.例如: The book on the desk is English.

介词短语是介词连同其后的充当其宾语的名词及相当于名词的其他词类所组成的复合结构.在句中可充当状语,定语,表语,补语.examples:1状语:(1):They leave in a hurry.( in a hurry方式状语) (2):The apples on the tree look nice( on the

定语从句 This is the man to whom I referred just now.Do you know the person with whom she was talking?She is the girl who(m) I've never heard of.分词短语:They built a highway leading to the mountains.现在分词 The song-words, usually dealing

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