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全部英语句子与单词怎么读 How to read all the English sentences and words

1.--- How tall are you?--- I'm 164 cm tall.2.You are shorter than me.3.You're 4 cm taller than me.4.--- How heavy are you?--- I'm 48 kg.5.I'm thinner than you,and shorter.6.--- What's the matter with you?--- My throat is sore./ My nose hurts.7.--- How do you


Want to Be ing 无非就是这些

yang ling is going to new york soon(一般疑问句)she does her homework at night(一般疑问句)tom and his sister do homework every evening(同上)they were here just now(一般疑问)it was on the desk a moment ago(同上)he went

1.on 2.around 3.out 4.for 5.doen 6.away,up 7.at 8.to

a ruler一把尺 a rubber一块橡皮 a pencil case一个铅笔袋 a tiger一只老虎 a panda一只熊猫 a desk一张课桌 a shop一家商店a pair of shoes 一双鞋子 a sweater 一件毛衣a jacket 一件茄克衫 big 大的 small 小的 long 长的 short 短的 one 一 two 二

1.We went to the part last Sunday.2.He got up late this morning.3.I played basketball yesterday afternoon.4.My mother watched TV last night.5.The boy sent me a gift just now.6

六年级下册英语第5模块单词怎么读 similar 相似的 same 相同的 hawker 小商贩 more 较多的 fewer 较少的 different 不同的 less 较少;小的 这几个

小学英语四会句子汇总小学英语四会句子汇总 1. This is my computer. 这是我的电脑. 2. That is your computer. 那是你的电脑. 3. Is this a teacher's desk? Yes, it is. 那是讲桌吗?是的,它是. 4. What time is it? 现在几点了? 5. It's two o'

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