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表面的花心,内心的恐惧,有谁能懂? the heart seems fickle, actually feared, who can understand? 或:the superficial fickle heart and the the inner fear, who can understant?


害怕:1.to be afraid2.to be scaredRelative explainations:Examples:1.他害怕得声音发抖.His voice shook with fear.2.他在生气,所以我害怕.He was angry,wherefore I was

对于某些事情,我很恐惧 for a certain thing, i really fear

1、afraid 只能做表语用,多用于习惯经常地“惧怕”某事物,泛指一种“恐惧心理”,如:I'm afraid of a dog.我怕狗.2、timid 指“缺乏勇气和自信的”、“胆怯的”,暗指“易惊怕的”和“行为过分谨慎的”,如:He was timi

When I was young, I was always afraid of the dark. I would never dare to enter a dark place without having someone next to me. During night time, I would always sleep with my parents so they could protect me. I think I became scared of darkness

be frighten to death. terribly scared; for fear of, 还有很多,是没办法一一例举的.麻烦采纳,谢谢!

the angel, sorry , i am unable to see you.天使,对不起,我看不见你.if you are me in self's eyes once drip tear , i will cry no longer 如果你是我眼里的一滴泪,我将不再哭泣.i do not hope that bird falls down above ocean only.我只是不希望那只鸟

Fear of injections:The fear of injections also involves the fear of needles. This is a common phobia. At least 5% of a nation's population suffers from this phobia. That is why so many people skip regular visits to their doctors; they rather not visit a

英语中有很多词语表达“害怕”之意,可是程度却各不相同,面对这么多个“怕”,你是否怕了呢?先来看一些例句吧:1. I' m afraid I can' t come to your wedding. 我很抱歉,恐怕参加不了你的婚礼 2. He is really afraid of the dark. 他真的挺怕黑

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