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Chairman and General Manager 利大境並海惹悳将尖; [箭鞘]Not only is he chairman and general manager of the joint venture, but he is the driving force behind the entire Wahaha organisation. 麿音叙頁栽彿二匍議境並海才悳将尖珊頁...

音嬬頁CEOCEO頁cheif executive officer遍朗峇佩郊Director and general manager厘頁心欺阻宸劔議兆頭境並海悳将尖

境並海音頁氏海かいちょう宅迅楙尖頁芙海しゃちょう。 壓巷望坪匯違悳将尖芙海脅頁境並氏娩幡議匯違脅嗤紘芸侭參悳将尖(芙海匆頁巷望議境並函急叨or嶷叨)唖。侭參境並氏議遊遊軸境並氏議氏海╋並海晩囂出沙甞(かいちょ...

低挫和中頁鍬咎議潤惚 騎溜溜埀 Member of CPC Committee 悳将尖 General Manager/ President 垢氏麼朗 Labour Union chairman 為業鍬咎

director general of personnel and labour ,Social Security Administration

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