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难忘的一天 An Unforgettable Day

An Unforgettable Day Today is Sunday. My whole family had an unforgettable day.We went shopping together. We bought many things, such as lollipops, ice creams, cornflakes, oranges, milk and bread. Besides, my mother bought many toys for me

an unforgettable day

“难忘的一天”:unforgettable day; 希望能够对您有所帮助.

yesterday,,i and my friends to go to tsinghua university which the ranking second nationwide of universities ..the school is so large and beautiful that points do not know where we looked . suddenly ,,we find a sign about the school facilities of brand.

中考英语作文 难忘的一天 导语:这是一篇关于难忘一天的中考英语作文.你最难忘的一天里做了什么呢?把它用英语描述出来吧~希望这篇关于难忘一天的中考英语作文可以帮助到你. it was sunday. our teacher mr zhu led us to a park nearby.

An Unforgetable Thing 一件令人难忘的事 One day I was taking a bus to the park. Therewere so many people on the bus that some people had to stand. Suddenly an old man got on the bus. The driver said to the passengers,"Please give the old

field of any negativity that has accumulated, and call this very moment the beginning of our brand-new day. There is something about the sunrise and the first few hours of the morning that make us feel cleansed and rejuvenated, ready to move forward enthusiastically. As the day wears on, we lose some

the most unforgetable day( I have)(我最难忘的一天)

Something interesting happened this summer. On my way home from my shopping, I noticed a fire. I called the fire department immediately. In a few minutes, the fire fighters came and started work. But, it was not easy to put out the fire, because

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