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I'm sorry to your question. I can't answer it. 对不起您的问题我回答不上来 Sorry, I didn't hear what you said. 对不起,我没听清你说什么。 Sorry. Can you say that again? 对不起你可以再说一遍吗? (弱弱地说一句 我在做任务升级 目标五...

对不起,我的英语不怎么好 Sorry, my English is not very good

Sorry, I don't need it for a while.Think you.更礼貌一点。

I'm sorry, I don't think I can be with you, Because I'm not ready! I'm sorry!

"I'm sorry, I can't speak English" 也可以用“I can't speak English.” 还可以用poor 一词,poor有贫穷的意思,也可以表示语言的贫乏、不足。 be poor in English 例句: I am Chinese, I am poor in English , I hope your help.我是中国人,...

如果你一点都不会英语就说,Sorry, I can't/don't speak English. 如果你会一点就说,Sorry, but I speak only a little English. 听不懂就说 I can't understand. Good Luck!

翻译为: 其次,我要跟你说声抱歉。 Secondly, I want to say sorry to you.

Sorry?I didn't get what you said.

Sorry, I didn't want to trouble you with your life, however, I am embarrassed to be somewhat missing you now.

Sorry, I will tell you before next time. 对不起, 我以后会提前告诉你 因为你没有说清提前什么, 所以我也不知道... 如果有具体事情直接加在before后面好了, 记得如果直接加动词要用现在进行时态。 Sorry 对不起, 抱歉 I 我 will 将会, 将要, ...

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