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谁能帮我翻译成英文: 麻烦你尽量把我安排在第51号...

你好!Could you try to I arranged in 51 rooms, thank you!打字不易,采纳哦!

You say you'd like to leave, but I just tell you that you never stop.

There are a lot of things can't be in advance, but seriously live in the moment, is the most real attitude towards life.May be the meaning of life, but it is next to sniff each a beautiful flower, enjoy every bit of the way. After all, yesterday is history,

Earth, not far in the future. The damage to human environment unbridled finally saw the former homes, the blue: because of the sharp increase in landfills, precocious for floating space large junk. Culprit, clap bottom leave - moved to the space ship,

I see "Pearl Harbor" feelingLook is called the "Titanic" version of "Pearl Harbor" war after I really have again, although tears still hung on cheeks. Yes, indeed, not just because of the beautiful pearl with beautiful lady, handsome male leading

Dear grandma Wu Hello! Since the Canton fair, have been very caring you back, because no international long distance phone, so long a call for you, lest you forget me! Grandma, I actually age is very small, only 20 years old, you leave my

I have 16 classes from the high-XXX. In the six classes this big collective, I was a member of the advocacy work. While my alma mater, I have been in the literature on the conscientious members of this post. But I believe that in different circumstances

Into this will , or Jia whether marriage Shi Juan brand- small voltage speed the herd Low Kuangren Liu awarded the Feng Shu taboo simple Feidan , - the Tong Maximum ╂ we the Mei hydrogen not Dong current Rentuan stimulated Jian power Qing Ping the Calligraphists Tuan

Do you know there is someone thinking of taste? Atrial like overgrown with sweet, the wind blows, the quiver, pouring Echoed with your name, You know, the one you love, Mobile phones are always in my hand, over and over again with the Arabic

I am in this school for four years, the creation of the curriculum contemporary Chinese literature, ancient Chinese literature and classical Chinese, the language teaching in primary schools, Introduction to Literature, legal basis, primary education,

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