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谁有许渊冲的唐诗三百首英译啊?发给我五首十首咋样啊?ThAnk you vEry muCh!!

相思 唐 王维 红豆生南国,春来发几枝. 愿君多采撷,此物最相思. LovesicknessDon Wang WeiWhen those red berries come in springtime,flushing on your Southland branches.Take home an armful, for my sake, as a symbol of our love.望岳

我是有道出来的:In 1955, have taken part in the plan of "the 918 incident" ten river believe two was appointed President of the state-owned railway, equivalent to Japan railways minister. When Japanese railway and the train is all before the war,


他喜欢看报.我家有4个成员,祖父母,父母,哥哥和我.(怎么是6个啊??) 我爸爸33岁了.他是一个工程师.他工作很认真.他每天都起的很早,然后为morks工作10小时以上.他喜欢看报纸,通常晚饭以后看.所以,他知道很多的信息.

1. You're welcome./ Not at all. 不客气. Thank you for everything. 感谢您做的一切. You're welcome./ Not at all.不客气. 这是大家从教科书上学到的标准说法,也是最常用的“还礼”方式了,很正式,用起来没什么问题,但是如果你老是用这两

1.Sorry, I'm (really/so/terribly) sorry. 对不起.我感到(实在很非常)抱歉.2、谢谢你的中文是:Thank you!3、非常感谢:Thank you very much!或Thank you so much!回答:You are welcome.4、拓展:I'm sorry.(对不起) 回答:That's all right.

Is there any place that you want to go after having seen the picture?Do you think that the gardener's idea is very miraculous and crazy?But I don't know where is it either.

①It's really good of you.②Thank you for helping me.③Highly appreciated for your help.④How can express my gratitude to you!

答案:Dthank you for v-ing 表示“因for 是介词,后面接动词的ing形式.

固定用法:Thank you for doing sth 谢谢某人做某事如果不明白,请再问;如果对你有所帮助,请点击本页面中的“选为满意回答”按钮,谢谢!

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