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He seems like worry still.

你好!她好像很担心她的 she seemed very concerned about her

我很担心你!翻译成英文,有以下几种表达方式:1、I'm worried about you.相关短语:worried about 为…担心 双语例句:She seems worried about something. 她似乎为某事担心.2、I'm concerned about you.相关短语:concerned about 为担

如果一个人很担心,应该怎么用英语对他说 你可以说 Don't worry意思是不要担心 或者I am here to help you 我在这里帮助你

影响 习惯 注意 快 使兴奋的 知识 信任 似乎 能力 担心Affect the habit of attention quickly so that the excitement of knowledge trust seems to be the ability to worry

seems he is worrying about his daughter.希望能帮上你.

担心 英文:worry 音标:英 ['wr] 美 [wr] 中文意思:n. 担心;烦恼;撕咬vt. 担心;发愁;折磨vi. 担心;烦恼;撕咬 [ 复数 worries 过去式 worried 过去分词 worried 现在分词 worrying ] 双语例句:Don't worry if you can't finish it.你做不完也不必担心.

担心 [dān xīn] worry worried uneasy anxious to worry to be anxious 相关解释:worry about take thought for care about fear angst be afraid suspense uneasiness tremble anxiety feel nervous about have the fidgets have a fear that worrying be

be worry ahout 你是对的

担心 [dān xīn] 基本翻译 worry feel anxious 网络释义 担心:concern about/for/over|concern about 担心地:apprehensively|a rehe ively 担心太多:worry too much

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