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“我喜欢的食物是”英语:My favorite food is 例句: 1、我最喜欢的食物是芒果,最喜欢的颜色是紫色和白色。 I the most favorite food is a mango, the most favorite color is purple and white. 2、我喜欢吃辣味的食物,尤其是川菜。 I like ho...

I like to eat a lot of food. 重点词汇释义 喜欢like; love; enjoy; be fond of 食物food; eatables; edibles; aliment; bread 例句: 我妈妈喜欢做饭她做的饭好吃,我能吃到许多可口的食物。 My mother likes cooking, she cooks nice food. I...

I like many kind of foods, such as dumpling, noodles, hamburger, egg soup and so on, but I like dumpling most. I like eating dumpling because he so is always delicious, and dumpling also has many kinds of stuffing inside, Chine...

I like a lot of delicious things to eat

my favorite food the food that I like to eat what my favorite food is that... It is + 食物名+ that is my favorite(强调句)

我喜欢吃很多种的食物。 I like to eat a lot of kinds of food.

我喜欢,因为食堂的食物种类多,而且有许多我爱吃的。食堂的食材都是经过厨师精心挑选的,对我的身体健康有益,因此让我吃的很放心。最重要的是,食堂的食物价格优惠。这些是我喜欢吃学校食堂的食物的原因。 I like, because there are many kin...


My favourite food includes watermelon, pizza and fish. I love eating watermelon in summer, because it provides me with water and allows me to cope with the heat. I like having pizza, because I will be able to try many different...

我喜欢品尝一些当地的特色食物 I love specialty foods all around.

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