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一次难忘的经历 英语作文an unforgettable experience this summer holiday, i went to dalian with my family. we got there by air. dalian is a very beautiful and modern city. on the bus, we could see all kinds of buildings which were great.in the morning,

I have had many difficulties since I started to learn English. Since I come from the south of China, I can not distinguish nasal sounds from non-nasals: they sound exactly the same in my dialect. Thus, I had a hard time telling “night” from “light”

Dear Peter,I'd be very glad to tell you what happened in class today.As you know,I am a shy boy and I am always afraid of raising my hand to answer my teachers' questions in class even though I know

关于回忆的初中英语作文,去年暑假,我去学游泳,那是很难忘也很有趣的一件事.我和爸爸去游泳池,他叫我怎么游.起初,我害怕潜入水里. Last summer holiday, I learned to swim. It was very unforgettable and interesting. I went to the

An Unforgettable Travel My families plan to visit the interesting place p of Shanghai.We are led to the Oriental Pearl TV Tower ,a famous tourist attraction,which is on every Shanghainese's lips.It is a magnificent building located in Pudong New Area

it is a sunny day when i wailed around my school .suddenly,i heard some one crying her fail in maths.i want to lend her my hand,so i told her my experience during my study

An unforgettable experience As a student ,I don't have any great event to talk about ,but here I want to share my experience of preparing for the high school entrance examination.During the first thr

Yesterday our class had an exciting excursion in Xishan .We set out from the gate of school at 9:00. After half an hour, we arrived the destination. Some students had a great picnic, and others went f


An Unforgettable Day Last Saturday was a sunny day.In the morning,when I opened my eyes I saw the sun brighten up my room."Mum!What a pleasant day today!Can we go out to play?"I cried and to wak

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