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一个月的房租是多少? 英文翻译:How much is the rent for a month? 重点词汇释义: How much:多少,什么价钱,到什么程度 rent:租金; 地租; 分裂,分歧; 裂缝; 出租; 付地租; “rend”的过去式和过去分词; 租借; 撕碎的; 分裂的 month:月,月...

What is the rental?

The rent(for a huose) is 500 yuan a /every month,i think it is very cheap.

rent for a house

pay the rent for a month

the house rent is 500 yuan per month.

don't worry!you should say:hi,huy,how are you doing today?you know,it has a month for you to live in this place.and now it is time to pay the rent,please!希望我的回答能够帮得了你!

基本工资 - Basic salary 物价津贴 - commodity price allowance 房租津贴 - rental subsidy 实领工资 - actual salary received 【英语牛人团】

This business may attain rental allowance ××× Yuan every year with the room


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