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你应该是听错了 《give it up》试一下


专辑中文名: GIVE ME UP 歌手:玉置成 音乐风格: 流行 发行时间: 2009年3月25日 地区:日本 语言:日语

chasing pavement adelei've made up my mind,don't need to think it over,if i'm wrong i am right,don't need to look no further,this ain't lust,i know this is lovebut if i tell the worldi'll never say enough,cause it was not said to youand thats exactly what i

歌名:Falling 歌手:Trevor Daniel 作词:Trevor Daniel 作曲:Trevor Daniel My last made me feel like I would never try again 最后一次恋情让我对爱情万念俱灭 But when I saw you, I felt something I never felt 于你惊鸿一瞥,我感到未曾有过的心动

Try everything

歌曲名称:《Home (Blaze U Remix)》专辑:Home (Blaze U Remix) 歌手:Blaze U / ThimLife / Bibiane Z 歌词如下:I'm Looking for a place I can come my home, my home, wow~ 我在寻找一个可以称之为家的地方 Looking for a place where I

歌曲:never let you go歌手:卫兰 专辑:my love lrc歌词 hot打印预览 10. never let you go (ot:大哥)作 词 编:robert lay @ on your mark监制:雷颂德the rain, just never seems to bringthe joy, i feel the sameeverlasting pain of my loss remainsmy

the colour of the night夜 色演唱:lauren christy(劳伦克里斯蒂)you and i moving in the dark (你我漫步黄昏后)bodi

疯狂动物城主题曲 try everything

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