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大家好 请参考由ZHENZHEN提供的关于今天拜访的会议记录。 ZHENZHEN团队,请照办,如果你们有任何困难,请告诉JMC团队,我们将一起合作改善气味的情况。 谢谢

Do animal husbandry industry automation, your AUTOMATIC OPENING&SHUTTING SYSTEM related equipment products is consistent with our project, ask whether there are agents in China? Could you tell me how to contact? If possible, we...

dear XXXX thank you for your e-mail ,the e-mail will forward to XXX(你上司的名字)soon.

Hello! Thank you and your wife to visit our company, we made a good communication. 23, Mr. X the notice from, he said because of the reasons of the price you plan to purchase XXX from XX, so we think this may not be the best ch...

第一段:hope应改为hoping,因为前面的句子已经是完整的句子了,应用现在分词作状语。 第二段:i am free 应用将来时,还未发生,还不确定,改为i will be free or i might be free. 第三段:1.convenice为名词,这里谓语为are,宾语应用形容词,所...

As before we mentioned in the phone

Please see the attached e-mail. Our customer wants to cut the order in quantaty.Do you have any suggestions?

Room 504 Building 1, Dongfang Xiwang Center NO.333 , North of Yizhou road Hight tech district of Chengdu City, Sichuan Province.


你好, 请看下面的翻译: 宁夏自治区银川市永宁县黄羊滩农场产东路1号 (路名不确定), 邮编750100 上海市南京西路1366号2塔Plaza66 36楼, 邮编200040 (应该是1266号) 四川省成都市邛崃市临邛镇东环路33号, 邮编611530 上海市南京西路1366号2塔Plaza...

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