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1.The attachment is our latest purchase order, please confirm the price and delivery 2.Can you use the item name and inspection which is wrote in my purchase order,when you delivery goods? by the way, in order to entering wareh...

Flag |2011-11-10 17:15 dragon real stupid | two Inner Mongolia Mengniu Dairy (Group ) Limited by Share Ltd was founded in 1999 August, is headquartered in Inner Mongolia Helingeer County Economic park. The spirit of " committed...


We are according to your company's contract payment, but we put contract amount understood as including tax amount for payment in full, actual contract for not including tax amount, your invoice and containing tax amount, so it...


Cable gland and pipe sealing systems can be used to build ships and offshore platforms and the renovation and expansion. Sealing system addresses electrical cables and signal cables separated and seal wear. Cable gland and pipe...

neither 英 [ˈnaɪðə(r)] 美 [ˈniðɚ, ˈnaɪ-] adj. (两者)都不的 pron. 两者都不 adv. 两个都不;既不…也不 conj. 既不;也不

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