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We are according to your company's contract payment, but we put contract amount understood as including tax amount for payment in full, actual contract for not including tax amount, your invoice and containing tax amount, so it...

1.The attachment is our latest purchase order, please confirm the price and delivery 2.Can you use the item name and inspection which is wrote in my purchase order,when you delivery goods? by the way, in order to entering wareh...

有的时候格式是比较顽固,你可以尝试先选择文字,然后点寻清除格式”,再用格式刷刷一下,应该可以的。 另外刷前要清除一下文字里面的手动换行符,在替换里面将 ^l 替换为 ^p 即可

Dear friend. I have recived your letter,I will do my best for you.thank you.I will do my best for you in the future! Wish you and your girlfriend!

1.D 这里答案应该取假如之意,if有如果的意思,但是后句限制,故只选D“假如” 2.A A为“要不是”的意思,只有此项符合题意 3.D 只有D“与其说是。。不如说是。。”能让句子符合逻辑

Permission management project: design, production, release agent of domestic and foreign advertising; information service on Internet information services and value-added telecommunications business in second categories. Genera...

Notice to tenants: . No dogs allowed in public area without supervision‧. . Owners of dog are responsible for picking up and disposing of their dog's waste.

Dear sir, I have always been honest. You have raised prices a few times, but I never complained. This time it's way beyond my world. Your prices are now even higher than eBay's retail price. I was wondering if you could negotia...

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