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翻译:(family 家庭)(finger手指)希望能帮到你,望采纳


《The Finger Family》--儿童英语歌曲 Daddy Finger, Daddy Finger 手指爸爸,手指爸爸 Here I am! Here I am 我在这里,我在这里 How are you, today 你今天怎么样 Very well, I thank you 很好,谢谢你 Run away. Run away 跑开,跑开 Mommy

whatever sets you free (bau播放 歌手:little boots 语言:英语 所属专辑:superstitious heart, pt. 2 - single

Catch My Breath - Kelly ClarksonI don't wanna be left behindDistance was a friend of mineCatching breath in a web of liesI've spent most of my lifeRiding waves, playing acrobatShadowboxing the other halfLearning how to reactI've spent most of my

Deserve Better 播放 歌手:Amy Diamond 语言:英语 所属专辑:Swings And Roundabouts

one little finger儿歌歌词:One little finger, one little finger, one little finger.一根小手指,一根小手指,一根小手指,Tap tap tap.轻轻点一点.Point your finger up.手指指向上.Point your finger down.手指指向下.Put it on your head. Head!手指放

Five fingers One finger,one finger,point,point,point.一根手指点点点. Two fingers,two fingers,cut,cut,cut.两根手指剪剪剪. Three fingers,three fingers,miaow,miaow.miaow.三根手指喵喵喵. Four fingers four fingers,touch,touch,touch.四根手指摸摸摸. Five fingers,five fingers,on the desk.五根手指放桌上.

Point to the ceiling, point to the floor (指天花板,指地板) Put it on your head. (放在脑袋上) 最后一个head改成nose,mouth,ear等其它身体部位,甚至可以改成chair、table等等地方,呵呵,可以灵活运用哦. 3、歌曲《One little flower》

The Finger Family英文歌词: Daddy Finger, Daddy Finger. Here I am! Here I am! How are you, today? Very well, I thank you. Run away. Run away. Mommy Finger, Mommy Finger, Here I am! Here I am! How are you, today? Very well, I thank you.

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