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英文邮件回复 “来信和附件已收悉,经过认真的讨论...

we have recceived your letter and attachments ,and after our serious discussion,we haveno objection to this, thank you .

1.Well received your email. We contacted the mill and made them to deliver the cargo asap. We are so sorry that we didn't reply your email since the mill couldn't give the specified time of delivery. Now, the cargo had booked to shipped 24th this

你是在回覆的邮件中附上了简历和作品,对吗?Dear xxx,Well received your email with thanks.Kindly please find enclosed my resume and artwork for your evaluation.Should any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact with me.Your sincerely,xxx

Dear Sir/Madam,(男士选用sir,女士选用madam)Thanks for your email.I will contact you as soon as I get the materials ready.(as soon as,"一就" 的意思,我一准备好材料就和您联系)Best regards,(常用的结

We have received your email. Thank you.We shall proceed with the work preparations.

Hi,MichealVery pleased to receive your letter.My emails with my old company at that time are attached below.My class hours are:Tuesday:14:00-17:00Wednesday:13:00-14:00Thursday:19:00-21:00So Thursday is ok for me.And maybe I can make some adjustment so Wednesday will also do.

“请仔细阅读邮件中的详细描述和附件的图片 这是本月的第二起投诉请认真思考并提出您的建议”"Please read the detailed description of the picture in the message and attachments carefully since this is the second month, please seriously consider the complaint and make your suggestions ."望采纳

To Whom Wt May Concern:I am highly appreciated for receiving the OFFER provided by your university, thank you for your help.Sincerely yours XXX

Glad to hear from your company and i am using this opportunity to tell you that your product as been approved by our management and my boss told me to carry on with the necessary arrangement for the products.很高兴收到贵司来信,我想趁此机

Dear XXX,I've confirmed the modifications you have made and it's OK.Thanks.Yours YYY

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