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it was the first day of our summer holiday. all of us were very happy. why? because we have one months to do things we love to do. we are free.although we have some homework. but we can finish them in several days. and the rest time we can make

Park There is a park near my home.There are a lot of beautiful trees,flowers and birds in the park.So many people go to the park to enjoy their weekends.They like walking or having a picnic in the park.But I like flying a kite with my sisiter there. 我家

The little boy did not like the look of the barking dog ."It's all right ,“ said a gentleman ,”don't be afraid. Don't you know the proverb:barking dogs don't bite ?" "Ah,yes ,"answered the little boy. "I kwon the proverb, but does the dog know the

1. Introduction of myself Hello,everybody. My name isI am twelve year old. I am tall and thin. I like sports very much because it is one of the best ways of keeping healthy and it can bring me lots of happiness. I like swimming, playing baketball and

一、My family I love my family,because I have a happy family.My father is an English teacher.His name is Jacky.He is thirty-eight.He likes playing basketball.What's my mother job?Is she a teacher?Yes,you're right!My mother is very kind and nice,

been watching English movies for 3 years. I have been watching sports since about 7 years ago and I'm really a big sport fan.I have been studying English for 2years but I just started writing in English 1 years ago.I really want to get this job,please give me an answer soon.

Today I had a good time. It was my grandpa's birthday. Our family went back to his home to celebrate his birthday. My mother cooked many delicious food and we brought a big birthday cake. We got together to have a big family dinner. We gave

1、I am planning to spend my summer holiday on sports this year. Playing basketball is always my favourite, so some of my clas**ates and I will form a **all team and play basketball together. Sometimes we may have a match against some other

My teacher is Miss Li.She is my favorite teacher.She's tall,slim and very smart.Her favorite colour is blue.Shee likes reading and travelling when shee was free.Besides,she is helpful and patient as she's always ready to help people who got in trouble.

1My Favorite Job I want to be a teacher because I think they are great. If I become a teacher,I will work hard to teach my students. I will work with the children. I love children very much,so I will be happy every day. I will also be able to work outside

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