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This is my room .Look,there's a new bed in my room. On the bed ,there'a toy dog、there's a picturbag On the wall.oh,my computer、my book and my telephone in my desk,I very like my room !这是莪的房间,看,这儿有一张新床,床上是一只玩具狗,墙上有一个照片包.哦,莪的电脑,莪的书本以及莪的电话都在莪的桌上,莪很喜欢莪的房间.希望满意

1. My good friend I have a good friend. His name isTom. He is tall and handsome . He likes playing basketball and table tennis. He is good at swimming,too. He is kind and friendly. He is always ready to help others. So he can always get on well with

How time flies ,It has past half an month since beginning of the summer holiday . As the weather getting hotter and hotter ,my parent and me go to the seaside .Last week we are go to the Xiamen.It's a beautiful city , bule sky and bule sea .The

1.My familyThere are three people in my family.Of course I am the only child.Both my at maths and I am good at English.So we often help each other.10.My bikeMy name钬

1《Lovely rabbit》 The rabbit is a kind of lovely again kind animal.It can run very quickly.It likes most the turnip and green vegetableses.Many persons consider as the pet to it to bring back a hello to keep.I also kept a rabbit, but it died.In fact, the

Good Boy Little Robert asked his mother for two cents. "What did you do with the money I gave you yesterday?" "I gave it to a poor old woman," he answered. "You're a good boy," said the mother proudly. "Here are two cents more. But why

A Busy Day Today it's a busy day. I have a lot of things to do. In the morning, I get up early at 6:30. My mother prepares the breakfast for me. I eat it and then go to the school. I have four classes in the morning. There are two periods of Chinese.

我的宠物狗 I Have a Dog I have a lovely dog. Its name is YoYo. I like it very much. It has two big ears, two big and bright eyes. Its hair is brown. It has come to my home for a year. It has become a part of my family. It has its own house, but it likes to

an unforgettable challenge when i was ten years old, i began to chat with foreigners. but i was very shy. gradually, i became more and more confident with foreigners' help. the following year, i went to yangzhou with two foreigners. i became their

1. One person that is very special to me is my younger cousin. I remember when I first saw her we just smiled at each other and she offered to share her food with me, I thought we was really nice so I immediately liked her. After getting home i found

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