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一楼上的是用快译翻译的吧.这次展览会我们设计出很多新的样品We have many new designed samples for this exhibition.欢迎光临我们的摊位Welcome to our booth上次挑选的样品怎么没有订货?Would you like to give me some reasons wh

sample of new design

我们已经完成了三款新设计的重新调色, We have finished three new design (to) color again, 我觉得颜色已经有了很大的改进,已经95%接近原来的COLOR CHIP,尽管部分图案的细节并不是完美的. I thin

I will send the drawings of the new design to everyone.图片的译法很多,figure,picture,diagram,drawing等等,但在工业界里面还是用drawing比较好.

1. I have received your samples, thanks. Pls. kindly advise whether you have four kinds of samples only?2. It can be produced.3. Do you have the detailed 3D Drawings for all these products?希望可以帮到你有问题可以追问 谢谢

sample英[s:mpl] 美[smpl]

寄来他们工司新产品的样品Send a sample of their new products

新中式装修风格样板房_有道翻译翻译结果:New Chinese style decorates a style example roomroom_有道词典room英 [rum; rm]美 [rum]n. 房间;空间;余地;机会;房间里所有的人vt. 为…提供住处;租房,合住;投宿,住宿;留…住宿vi. 居住;住宿n. (英)鲁姆(人名);(俄)罗姆(人名)更多释义>>[网络短语]Room 房间,房间,房宿

已经要求补充样品过来做测试,等补充样品到了测试完后再更新报告.They have already been requested to supplement samples for testing, the reports will be updated after the samples are supplemented and the testing is done.希望可以帮到你望采纳

虽然现在我们只有蓝色的样品,但是颜色可以制作成白色.although we have only blue colour's sample at the moment, we can still change the colour into white.

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