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造句 Make sure that you follow the instructions carefully 一定要认真按照操作指南来做。

make sure表示“弄确实;核实;查证”。make sure常用于祈使句,后面常接that宾语从句或of介词短语。 1.Make sure that从句意为“弄明白;确信"。 2.Make sure of 代词/名词,意思也是“弄明白;确信”。 例如: — Make sure of his coming before yo...

He isn't sure of the answer. So he surfed the Internet for sure

1. "Money talks, that's for sure. All the best seats were reserved for the big shots." 钱可通神,一点也不假。所有的好座位都留给了大人物。 2. These fellows who attacked the inn tonight-bold, desperate blades, for sure. 今晚袭击...

造句: He'd never been in a class before and he was not even sure that he should have been teaching 他以前从未教过课,甚至不确定自己该不该教课。 意思是: sure 英[ʃʊə(r)] 美[ʃʊr] adj. 确信的,确实的; 有...

You can be sure about their interest in it. 你可以肯定他们对引很感兴趣.

make sure 英 [meik ʃuə] 美 [mek ʃʊr] 把事情弄清楚,核实或查明某事物;设法确保出现某事物;务使 造句: 1、I make sure I make time for fishing because it's how I de-stress. 我一定会腾出时间去钓鱼,因为这是我减压...

I tried to make sure of the problem.我想把这个问题弄明白。 Having gained political ties from canny surrenders, Mr Rong made sure he used them.荣毅仁凭借精明的上缴赢得了政治关系,然后他设法确保自己使用了这些关系。 make sure,翻...

意思:把事情弄清楚,核实或查明某事物;设法确保出现某事物;务使; 造句:I make sure I make time for fishing because it's how I de-stress. 我一定会腾出时间去钓鱼,因为这是我减压放松的方法

be sure造句: Be sure to dot your i’s and cross your t’s, and ensure that your controls are well behaved. 一定要小心谨慎,确保控件有适当的行为 解析: 句子是语言运用的基本单位,它由词或词组构成,能表达一个完整的意思

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