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How to deal with this difficult question?怎么处理这个难题?

 How to deal with this difficult question?

It's hard to deal with this thing.

The two brothers look the same as each other. 这兄弟俩长得一样。 The police found the murderer out. 警方搜寻到了杀人犯。 Money is not the impotant thing in our daily. 金钱不是我们生活中最重要的东西。 I have breakfast at seven. ...

can you tell me how to deal with this pen can you tell me what to do with this

I'll deal with the children later.孩子们的事由我以后去处理。 Do you worry about pollution?你担心污染的问题吗? I think we should be worried about the values that are nurturing the new generation.我想我们应该对培育着下一代的价值...

1. The second electron is only indirectly aware of the presence of the first. (第二个电子只是间接地觉察到第一个电子的存在。) 2. We often deal with him. (我们经常与他打交道。) 3. He carried out his job well . (他工作完成得很好。...

Not only did i know how to deal with the relationship but also help the people who need help. 这样就好了, not only but also主语相同,所以konw how to可以省略

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