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有没有 英语高手 帮忙中文翻译成英文一下 重金悬赏!!

Green Living start from the bitEnvironmental protection is not a new problem for us, our government has already put forward a clear management objectives. As in real life every ordinary, although not directly engaged in environmental work, but we

Dearest Little Pig Lin, Today is your 18th birthday. We've been together for 6 months already (一般来说,半年在英语里大都是用6个月表示). The time in these 6 months feels so fast yet so slow. Er, first I want to wish you a happy birthday. I also

您好 我的翻译如下: A poor talker and poor expression is very easy to give the impression that ability is low and lack of thought the impression. Such people no matter in which a social level, regardless of where to go, will not walk easily on

Firstly, a brief introduction was given in the paper to the basic information of Clethodim and manganese, at the same time, it briefly introduced with pictures and words the structure, working principle and physiological significance of

你不会全都要吧.. 我按照他的排列帮你翻,你要对照好啊. --------------------------------------------------- =必填字段. 登录ID * 空格下面:登录名是字母数字字符.空格,特殊及汉字不能接受.登录名是( 4 - 14 )字符.例如. abc1234 密码* 空格

In this paper, using co-precipitation method, using nickel sulfate, cobalt sulfate, manganese sulfate and sodium hydroxide as raw material, preparing precursor in complexing agent ammonia effect, then the precursor and lithium hydroxide mixed with

Sunny Bridge Co.,Indu was established in 2003, with range of import of dry tapioca, mineral sand,coal and import of alcohol.Sunny Bridge Trading Ltd. S B International Frieght Agency. S B Travel Agency. S B Real estate Ltd. Luan yun gang City

Baoding xin diao industry &trade co., LTD. Was established in 2009, in China bags &luggage - - "field", the company always adhere to the "quality decides success or failure, service makes the future" business philosophy to meet customer

The American diet is very simple, an ordinary three meals a day. Breakfast are receiving more attention, not only have bread and milk, fried eggs, fruit or fruit juice is also unavoidable. Many Americans like breakfast while reading newspapers while

Religion and art can not be separated from each other is a mixture. Along with religious art and the origin and development. Religious art is characterized by not only the arts with religious culture, but also has a very high aesthetic value, is endowed

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