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关于邀请别人参加足球赛的英语作文带翻译Please come to our school on May 10. I'm sure it'll be fun.你喜欢玩足球吗?有一场足球比赛在我的学校。你想来参加吗

一篇关于校足球队的邀请函英语作文Hi, boys and girls. Do you want to join the school football team? You want to make your body strong? You want to

用英语写一篇邀请函别人踢足球的小短文At this time, the ball to me, and I stared at the ball, near, I kick, kick the ball away. In the last three mi

运动会英文邀请函Please muster (其实用Join us 比较好,外国人很少把集合用在人身上) in the ground track field at 7:30 on 31st, Sep. We

英语作文邀请函Dear sir, I am writing to invite you to the oral English competition to be held in


求一篇关于邀请函的英语作文Dear Ms.Smith,I'm Li Hua,Chair of the Student Union of Yucai Middle School,which is close to

求一篇英语作文(邀请信) 100词左右Dear Mary,Hello. Hope you are doing well recently. Something is coming up. Mr. John will go back to his country

英语书信邀请某人参加运动会 Hi,Jack,we’re going to have our school sports meeting on the playground next week.

邀请参加运动会 (英语作文)Although it was autumn,all my classes were so excited.Because we will hold a great

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