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2012自考英语二tAp DAnCing的翻译

tap dancing to work 意思: 跳踢踏舞工作

Time is gonna take my mind时光它带走了我的思绪and carry it far away where I can fly带到了我能自在飞翔的远方The depth of life will dim my temptation to live for you生活深不可测,它几乎使我生存的热情黯淡If I were to be alone 若我注定要孤独

tap-dancing 跳踢踏舞; 踢踏舞; [例句]He calls it "tap-dancing to work". 他称之为“踢踏舞工作”.

意思是 自来水舞蹈工作




1. a. To learn how to tap dance in less than six months. b. To practice at least twice a week. c. Perform in front of an audience at least once in the next six months.2. In this semester, I learned a. ball tap: strike the ball of the foot on the floor and

一:ride my new scooter /finish my homework first 骑我的新踏板车|先做完我的家庭作业 二:go swimming with me /surf the internet forsome e-cards 和我一起游永|在网上冲浪找些电子贺卡 三:come to the English Evening /go to the dancing class 来英语之夜|去参加游永课

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