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TAkE An ACtivE pArt.是什么意思?

翻译:积极参加。 The boy always takes an active part in school sports meeting. 这个男孩总是积极参加学校组织的运动会。

参加:take part in 积极参加:take an active part in 平时多加积累。(精锐教育老师)

如果你读take active part in不觉得变扭么,为了句子的语感要加个an

take part in 和take an active part in 好像米有take active part in 这种说法


take part in, join与 attend都有“参加”的意思。 join, take part in 与 attend的区别: 1. join 的主要用法如下: (1) 表示参加或加入某团体、党派、组织等,并成为其中的一个成员。如: join the Party 入党 join the League 入团 join the A...


take part in 参加 take an active part in 积极参加

"take active part" 或 "tak an active part"的用法才正确. 不必" parts" [1] “Stars are beautiful, but they must not take an active part in anything, they must just look on forever. It is a punishment put on them for something they...

应该选择答案B,意思是学生们受到鼓励积极参加活动。take an active part in 积极参加的意思 手工回答,尊重劳动,欢迎提问,感谢采纳!

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