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abalone[英][blni][美][bloni]n.鲍鱼(软体动物); 复数:abalones例句:1.Most abalone in the u.s. are farmed. 在美国,大多数鲍鱼是靠人工养殖的.2.She ordered the special set for the day: a 58-yuan set with abalone andshark fin soup. 她点了当天的特选套餐:58元的鲍鱼鱼翅汤套餐.www.cuyoo.com

鲍鱼胶原蛋白饮abalone collagen drink

abaloneKK: []DJ: []n.1. 【动】鲍鱼

加an,因为abalone的a 是元音

abalone-flavoured-macadamias鲍鱼口味的坚果 双语例句1. Every abalone taken must be tagged and recorded on the report card. 捕得的每条鲍鱼都必须附上标签并且在报告卡上做出记录.来自互联网2. It enjoys great reputation for it's famous

Abalone Rice


Allison Moorer - Abalone Sky Fall down on me like a featherFloating on a breezeFaintest whisper softest callingI am on my kneesLead me to the ledge and let meDangle from a limbI just hang on hear me praying Look for heaven out the

Abalone Rice

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