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区别是:aborigines指的是土著人或者土产.indigenous指的是土生土长的,生来的,固有的而非土著人.例句辨析:aborigines1、Many aborigines and islanders were moved had their land taken away from them.许多土著居民和岛民被迁走了,

aborigines D.J.[bridiniz] K.K.[brdniz] n.(尤指澳大利亚的)土著居民Many aborigines died when they came into contact withdiseases.很多土著人感染了疾病而死亡. 现代英汉综合大辞典aborigines [bridini:z] n.[pl. ]土著居民; 原始的居民; 生番; (某地区土生的)动植物; 固有动植物

aborigines英[b'rdni:z]美[b'rdni:z]n. 土人; 土著居民(尤指澳大利亚的); 蕃; 土产;

american continent 美洲大陆 例句1.They were the scourge of God upon the aborigines of the American continent.他们是上帝降在美洲土著当中的灾难.2.The feathered and blanketed figure of the American Indian has come to symbolize the

语法 被动the immportant of Aboriginal culture began to be understood 非限制性定语从句 whereas in the east ,where it was colder ,people remained a hunting culture . there be 结构 there were many battles over land 形式主语 It is generally agreed

Indigenous Expenditure一般是指 (由澳大利亚政府拨款的)原住民公共支出经费其中“原住民”是指澳洲生活的土著人求采!

一、读音不同1、inhabit :英 [nhbt] 美 [nhbt] 2、dwell:英 [dwel] 美 [dwl] 3、reside:英 [rzad] 美 [rzad] 二、侧重点不同1、inhabit 指人或动物因习性或习惯居住在一起.inhabit多见用作及物动词,也可用作不及

boomerang The Aborigines (澳洲土著) have lived in Australia for about 60,000 years. They painted pictures inside caves, and these are the rock paintings that have given us so much information about

evnse能组成的英语单词是seven,详细信息如下:seven 英 [sevn] 美 [svn] num.七;七个;第七n.七;七个例句:She was in a coma for seven weeks 她已经昏迷7个星期了.

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