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accidently其实是错误的拼写accidentally才是正确的副词 ad.1.偶然地;意外地I met her accidentally.我无意中遇到她.2.附带地accidental形容词 a.1.偶然的;意外的Breaking the vase was purely accidental; she did not mean to do it.打碎花瓶纯粹是偶然失手;她无意弄坏它.2.非主要的;附属的;附带的accidental benefits附带优惠

accidently其实是错误的拼写,accidentally才是正确拼写.accidentally adv. 意外地;偶然地.accidentally 指的是意外事件偶然发生的,或者事故的结果,并非有意为之.例句:1、I met her accidentally.翻译:我无意中遇到她.2、A policeman

abruptly 1. 突然地,意外地 2. (言谈举止)唐突地,冒失地 3. 陡起地 accidently adv. 偶然地,意外地


accidently [英][ks'dentl][美][ks'dentl] adv.偶然地,意外地; 例句:1.After marjorie was accidently murdered rosenberg had arranged his own assassination partly out ofdespair and partly to cover his own tracks. 在马约莉意外遇害之后,罗森博格安排了自己的暗杀,半是感到绝望,半是为了掩盖自己的罪行.----------- ------------------------ 很高兴为你解答!如有不懂,请追问. 谢谢!

一样的 都可以作状语

here's a door and here's a window here's the ceiling here's the floor the room is lit like a black and white movie the t.v.'s on, that's what it's for and if you walk real slowly you can feel the planet breathe there's no need to feel so lowly now that we've all

Accidently Kelly Street Here's a door and here's a window(这是门而这是窗) ere's the ceiling here's the floor(这是天花板,这是地板) The room is lit like a black and white movie The t.v.'s on, that's what it's for (整个房间就像电视上演的黑白

be encountered with表示遇到、遭遇.遇到某事. encountered是 encounter的过去式或过去分词,表示非自愿、不情愿、不在预料之中的遭遇. be encountered with后不能跟人,要跟事情. 例如:It wasencountered with an error.遇到一个错误(多用于计算机学科或领域).

accidently in love 歌词:So she said what's the problem babyWhat's the problem I don't knowWell maybe I'm in love (love)Think about it every timeI think about itCan't stop thinking 'bout itHow much longer will it take to cure thisJust to cure it cause I

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