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一、agree with sb 或 agree with what sb said.另外 sth doesn't agree with sb 某人不喜欢 或 不适应 例句:death is terrible. i agree with you there.死亡很可怕.这点我同意你的观点.二、agree to 后接 建议,计划,suggestion,advice,plan等 当然也

agree to do和agree to doing的区别1.agree to do,该不定式的逻辑主体与句子的主语一定是同一个人,即主语答应(自己)做某事; 而agree to doing,其逻辑主体与句子主语可以不是同一个人,即主语同意(别人)做某事,即在做某事这一点

1. agree with ①表示同意某人或某人的意见、想法、分析、解释等 (即持同一观点):i don't agree with you. 我不同意你的意见.they agreed with this idea. 他们同意这个想法.i agree with what you say. 我同意你说的.②表示“ (食物、天气、

1. agree to(1) 后接某些名词,表示同意或接受某事,尤其指别人提出的某事,有时可能是自己不喜欢的事.He agree the plan (the date). 他同意了这个计划(日期).We agreed to their arrangement. 我们同意了他们的安排.I was forced to agree to it,

agree with, agree to,意思是一样的,可是用法不同,他们都是同意某件事或某个人的意见的意思. 1 agree with,的用法是这样的:agree with+doing something或者+somebody 例句:I ageree with going to swim tomorrow.(我同意明天去游泳.

agree后面接介词法比较复杂,常见用法有:(1) 涉及讨论的题目用about.They never agree about politics.关于政治问题,他们总是意见不一致.(2)要确定一样事情用on.Can we agree on a date for the next meeting?我们能不能为下次会议确

agree to do sth 同意做某事 agree with sb 同意某人

gree to sth-------同意对方开出的条件 agree on sth-----同意双方制定的协议条款,合同1.He didn't get the job because he didn't agree to the working conditions here.2.They agreed on the contract and signed their names.

前者是说双方达成一致意见,后者是说适合某事某物,例如:we agree on this meter我们在这件事情上意见一致,I agree to singing我适合唱歌

1.agree with sb 意为“适合(某人的健康或胃口)”,尤用于否定句或疑问句中.如:The climate there doesn\'t agree with him. 那里的气候对他不合适 Agree with sb on sth. 在某事上与某人合作.agree with sb . 表示“同意某人的意见”. agree

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