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agreement 英[gri:mnt] 美[rimnt] n. 协定,协议;同意,一致;合同书;(词之间性、数、人称方面与…)一致

名词.可以说somebody' agreement 某人的同意

agreement [英] [gri:mnt][美] [rimnt] n.协定,协议; 同意,一致; 合同书; (词之间性、数、人称方面与…)一致; [例句] It looks as though a compromise agreement has now been reached 看起来好像现已达成一个妥协协定.[复数]agreements

contract: an official agreement between two or more people, stating what each will do agreement: 1.an official document that people sign to show that they have agreed to something 2.an arrangement or promise to do something, made by two or more people, companies, organizations etc 楼上 myly941 的中文解释不错

agreement 英['ri:mnt] 美['rimnt]n. 1.协定, 协议, 契约 2.达成协议 3.同意 4.(性、数、人称方面与…)一致

agreement ['ri:mnt] n. 协议;同意,一致 Do not forget our agreement 不要忘记我们的约定

n. 同意, 合约, 协议 【经】 契约, 协议, 协定

agree 动词 同意agreement 名词 同意的协定


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