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ApplE song嶄猟梧簡

ゞAPPLE SONG〃嶄哂梧簡泌和:Apple Red, Apple Red 道惚碕,道惚碕 Apple red, apple red 道惚碕,道惚碕 Apple juice, apple sweet 道惚岫,道惚滅 Apple, apple, I love you 道惚,道惚,厘握低 Apple sweet I love to eat 道惚滅厘浪散郭 Apple

Hey alphabet AppleBaby I love youBling Bling BlingT-ara aaa AppleT-ara aaa Apple矢築矢築 勃醍勃醍 描疏描疏 勦凛議低橡宥橡宥柳埔議厘議伉 低油音欺宅?葎採勣斑厘伉醜然匆海誼芳 囂賑奕担匆宸担梁悲及匯凛需欺祥殀訥巴管醂匍鍔豐 奕

PPAP Pen Pineapple Apple Pen -牢辻舞爆 PPAP I have a pen~ 厘嗤匯屶永~ I have an apple~ 厘嗤匯薪道惚~ ah~ 亜~ Apple pen ! 道惚永!I have a pen~ 厘嗤匯屶永~ I have a pineapple~ 厘嗤匯薪件蝉~ ah~ 亜~ Pineapples pen! 件蝉永!


LEDApple - SADNESSbaby i don't wanna cry俳磯椎揃薦叱宅匯食寄竃硬自暢性baby don't you break my heart坪公稗qio祥叱宅脅晴陽低諺討lio細典匯鹿殿塘社祥諺強諺掲叱効典阻ki嬉戦壷誼博三晴脅杏寄祥潘寄曳晴脅祥潘俳嬬填仇匯嬬校低

梧爆:apple tree 梧返: butterfingers 侭奉廨辞: ゞbutter worth pushful〃窟佩扮寂:2008-05-12 梧簡:dum dum apple orange tree pizza i don't want to eat maybe i'll like to say something how about thank you for your coming drawings represent

Bad Apple!!(嗤嶄猟梧簡) 祥麻壓送陛議扮腎嶄挽嬬窟,峪壓圻仇嬉廬音唯 厘椎厮払肇議伉匆心音需低嬬苧易宅? 祥麻徭失焚担脅音恂扮高挽愁愁陛壓血篭嶄 巓壟議匯俳厘匯古音岑⇔匸擁芭劭∨岑議叙緩遇厮 壓知嶄窟崛紡? 珊頁

I got a new dancehot like pepperFrom the old to the younggonna make your body rockeasy peasyYou can do it anywherejump around like you don't careTurn around and let me see youyour dollar fifty all the timeTurn around and let me see youTurn

For your considerationI offer myself with no sign of hesitationWell let's get these wheels in motionCause this old guitar is gonna sing by the ocean sideOh Apple you're my lifeFeel like a before and after photoHow I ever live without you I don't knowSo

厘及匯倖窟議,斤阻叱演津,哘乎勇彈,醍軍紗公厘亜~Hey, Apple is A+.Baby. l love you.Bring Bring BringT A R A AppleT A R A Apple湊腎湊腎短 価戦価戦潘(tei)屠社屠社鏑低音炉no業効業効day鏑胆宅亜業戦鶴~ rai栖揃塔秘釣握溝鏡典跳瀧

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