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ArE you in Row FivE?怎么翻译? 谢谢

Are you in Row Five 你在五排


记住,凡是含 be 动词的句子,疑问句都需要把 be 提前,所以这个句子的一般疑问句应该是 Is he in Row Five? 另如: Are you a worker? 你是工人吗? Is Tom in? 汤姆在吗?

five-in-a-row 英['faɪv'ɪn'eɪr'aʊ] 美['faɪv'ɪn'eɪr'aʊ] n.五子棋;

选C in row X 是 固定搭配 LZ要记住哈

李磊在第几行 他在第五行 你应该这样问 Which Row is li lei in?

five times in a row:连续五次 in a row [英][in ə rəu][美][ɪn e ro] 一连; 成一行; 一字儿; 接连; 例句: 1、She sang four or five songs in a row. 她一连气儿唱了四五个歌。 2、That would make two defeats in a row. 这...

五子棋 进攻和防守

I m mike from catford middle school . 我叫Mike,来自卡特福德中学。 I m in class five and I sit in row four . 我在五班,坐第四排。 this is a picture of our classroom . 这是我们教室的一张照片。 thereis a blackboard and a map on t...

row:行、排的意思 Five:五,数字5的意思

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