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astronauts 英 ['strn:ts] 美 ['strn:ts] n.宇航员,太空人( astronaut的名词复数 )1. Astronauts have brought back specimens of rock from the moon. 宇航员从月球带回了岩石标本.2. Astronauts work in weightless conditions.宇航员在失重的条件下工作.3. The astronauts work and live in the space capsule.宇航员在航天舱里工作生活.


歌曲名:Astronauts 歌手:Cranes 专辑:Particles & Waves Can anybody hear me?Or am I talking to myself?My mind is running empty In the search for someone else Who doesn't look right through me.It's all just static in my head Can anybody tell

读音不准确astronauts 阿斯戳脑次希望帮助到你,若有疑问,可以追问~~~祝你学习进步,更上一层楼!(*^__^*)

They sometimes live in the spaceship, sometimes go out of the spaceship. In space, if you eat food, it will stop in the air, because there isn't like in the Earth. If you go in to the space, you won't fall down, so it just like the food. When they sleep, they use a belt to put their body width=160 alt="Image"/>

デモニオン ~魔王の地下要塞~ えれくと!すぽコン! ~sports wear-complex~ 圣エステラ学院の七人の魔女 魔导书の司书 あおぞらストライプ デモニオンii ~魔王と三人の女王~ 付丧女·あおゑ 凭夜ノ村(即将发售)

final 英[fanl]美[fanl]adj. 最后的,最终的; 决定性的; 不可更改的;n. 决赛; 结局; 期末考试; 〈口〉(报纸的)末版;[例句]Astronauts will make a final attempt today to rescue a communications satellite from its useless orbit今天宇航员将会做最后一次尝试,力图把一颗通信卫星从无效的轨道上抢救下来.[其他] 复数:finals


Astronauts have taken many photos while travelling in the space意思就是:宇航员在太空旅行时拍了很多照片

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