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build up body 增强体质 例句1.Build up body resistance to prevent influenza infection.增强抵抗力有助预防感染流感.2.Children need adequate nutrition to build up their body.孩子们需要足够的营养长身体.3.You need a lot of fresh fruits to build up

建立我的身体 例句:Also I must build up my body. 此外,我必须建立我的身体.(问问消息:您好,您的回答即将过期,请尽快解决,否则会被扣分!)


Heaith is the most important in our life.But how can we keep fit?I think we can do the following:first of all,doing exercises often helps to build up our body; secondly,we'd better have a good diet,be

把身体炼强壮 I want to build up my body and make my performance more stable on the court as time goes on. 随着时间的推移我还得把身体强壮,表现稳定.

We are growing.

强健我的身体例句:Also I must build up my body. 此外,我必须强健我的身体.

running every morning can build up our physical quality

你好!都是强身健体的意思,没啥区别吧 如有疑问,请追问.

improve the health; strengthen the body build up one's body

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