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如果原文是要说团队是人心所向,而非人群的聚集,那么原文应该是 Team is the build-up of heart, not that of people. built-up是形容词,垫高的意思。build-up才是名词。

主要是意义和用法不同:build up用法: 1)build up (to sth)加大,加强,增多 Eg:The music builds up to a rousing climax.音乐逐渐达到了令人振奋的高潮. 2)build up to sth/build yourself up to sth为……作准备 Eg:Build yourself up to peak...

built-up area 英[ˈbiltʌp ˈɛəriə] 美[ˈbɪltˈʌp ˈɛriə] [词典] 城市建成区; [例句]The current situation of street trees in Xuchang built-up area was investigated, and ...

built from the ground up 从头建立;从地面上建起 双语例句 1 It's built from the ground up using a dependency injection container. 它是使用依赖性注入容器从头构建的。 2 A new police force had to be built from the ground up. 必须从...

built-up section: 组立型钢 | 组合断面 | 焊接工字钢 希望帮到你

set up 1.竖立;建造 2.建立,创立 A new government was set up after the war. 新政府于战后成立。 build 建造 在表示建立、设立(机构、组织、机制等)的时候用 set up build在表示建设(某个实体建筑或者工程时)

都有建造建立的意思 set up 与establish意思一样,相对口语化,而establish相对书面语 establish 初建公司,建立关系 build建造房屋

has been built 都是 A city 主语 has been built up 谓语

By 1900 Britain had built up a big empire, "on which the sun never set".英国殖民扩张始于1583年纽芬兰的殖民化,到1900年,英国已经建立了“太阳永不落”...

Competition is a common phenomenon in our social life. We compete when we play games, we try to do better than others in our study, and ...

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