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副词 ad. 1.主要地;大部分The land was used chiefly for pasture. 这土地多半用作牧场. 2.首先,第一,尤其Their worries were chiefly about money. 他们尤为金钱发愁. 1.主要的,多半的chiefly adj. 主要的,多半的 2.主要地,首要地chiefly ad.主要地,首要地3.主要地,尤其chiefly adv.主要地,尤其

mainly 这个个一般是形容XX东西的主要性 chiefly是形容地位,形式和人的重要性

chief 没有副词形式 chiefly 做副词 主要 首先chiefly 英[ti:fli]美[tifli]adv. 主要; 首先,第一; 尤其;adj. 领袖(般)的;[网络] 主要的,多半的; 首先; 首要地,主要地;[例句]He values the vase chiefly for its associations.他珍惜这花瓶

adore 英[d:(r)] 美[dr, dor] vt. 崇拜; 爱慕; 非常喜欢; 敬佩; vi. 崇拜; 爱慕; [例句]But that may be why his readers, chiefly millennials in their twenties and early thirties, adore him.但这或许正是他的读者(主要是二十来岁,三十出头的千禧一代)崇拜他的原因.-------------如有帮助请采纳, 如需帮助可追问,谢谢.


n.(名词)Any of numerous chiefly marine carnivorous fishes of the class Chondrichthyes (subclass Elasmobranchii), which are sometimes large and voracious and have a streamlined, torpedolike body, five to seven gill openings on each side of

concern涉及,关系到;影响到The letter is chiefly concerned with export commodities. 这封信主要是关于出口商品的.The news concerns your brother. 这消息与你兄弟有关.(不用被动语态)关于--------------------------------------------------involve使卷


myths 神话,神怪故事,奇人,奇人,虚构的人或事myths 是myth的复数形式.举例:what is the difference between myth and science?神话与科学的区别在哪里?

concern[kensn]vt.关于;对…有关系attend to what concerns you.注意与你有关的事物.影响;关系this concerns us deeply.这事对我们关系极大.this concerns the healthy growth of the children deeply.这事对孩子们的健康成长关系极大.担心;

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