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ComE into的形式

过去式came 现在进行时 coming

came into这个词是过去时的词组,它的现在时是come into,即把come变为了过去式came.

come in动词+副词 Long hair for men is coming in these days.(现在男士长发很流行.)这里come in表示流行,时髦.Strawberries will be coming in soon.(草莓很快就要上市了.)这里come in表示农作物、水果等当季,上市.Number three

came 过去式,come into being就是整个短语,把它当做一个动词

come in 不及物动词短语,相当于不及物动词,后不跟地点,如:The teacher came in .come into 相当于及物动词,后跟地点,如:The teacher came into the classroom.in是副词 into是介词

就等于come in 只不过come into 表示的是动态,而come in 表静态.

come in to是错误用法,两个介词岂能相接,come into为走进某地

come into transitive verb [come into something] ① (inherit) 继承to come into a fortune继承一笔财产 ② (be relevant)to come into itskill, age, quality 重要 good health also comes into it身体健康也很重要

come into v. 1进入, 得到, 继承 2继承,取得

应该是五种形式 原型:come 第三人称单数:comes 现在分词:coming 过去式:comed 过去分词:comed

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