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ConsiDErAtion shArEs是什么意思

consideration shares 代价股份 Due to the differences on the fundamental condition among listed companies,consideration paid to tradable-shares shareholders differs much from each. 跟读 由于各公司的基本条件的差异,上市公司给出的...

shares issued for no consideration 未经考虑发行的股票 重点词汇 issued发行者( issuer的过去式和过去分词 ) no consideration无约因

1. In consideration of [our] agreeing to supply[, and supplying,] the Confidential Information to you and agreeing to enter into discussions with you regarding the Proposed Transaction, you undertake and agree as follows:- 1. ...

通告及法定人数 有人指出,由于会议通知已获得的唯一董事出席的法定人数。 股份转让 IT解决了受转让及买卖注意正式盖章并提交给本公司的注册的文书,批准以下...

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