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及物动词 1.把...交付给;把...委托给 The orphan was consigned to her uncle's care. 那孤儿托给她叔父照料。 2.发送(商品);托运;寄存 The goods were consigned to you by railway and should have arrived by now. 货物已由铁路托运,现在应已...

consign 指委托,托付 assign 指分派,安排 希望对你有帮助,望采纳,谢谢!

consign material意思是:交付资料 、来料加工 请根据你的句意来翻译吧!感谢

consign [con·sign || kən'saɪn] v. 交付, 委托, 分配; 同意; 让步

想知道Global ConsignIndex怎么样?我们提供Global ConsignIndex招聘、Global ConsignIndex工资、Global ConsignIndex面试、评价、工作环境招聘及员工信息,由Global Cons

consignation:n.委托 consignment:n. 委托;运送;托付物 一般来说动词加上-ment 或者-tion 结尾会变成名词

如果说的不错的话 ORDER 后面还有个 OF (文 件)交付给指示人,即文件由某人指示交付给.... 这句话一般用在信用证上。因为一般信用证上都 有出示 TO ORDER提单指示 的条款.

Through those young men and women of dramas, writers and a vast audience, especially female compatriot can consign to good love and the other half ...

Consignee,the person to whom merchandise is delivered over收货人,一般为合同买方(信用证或客户另有规定的除外)。 Notify party:货到后船公司通知的一方,受通知人。由consignee指定,可以是As same as consingnee,也可以是consignee指...

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