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经济危机时期,罗斯福政府为挽回银行的信用而采取了蓝鹰计划,标志的图案上面是一个蓝色的鹰,下面是“WE DO OUR PART”意为我们尽一份力


我认为没错。part可指(活动中)个人的作用,本分,通常作单数。如:Everyone must do his part.大家都要做好分内的事。

D 试题分析:1933年3月4日,罗斯福宣誓就职,旋即着手新政,主要目标有三:救济、复兴和改革。史称“罗斯福新政”。 《工业复兴法》(National Industrial Recovery Act)是整个新政的核心和基矗该法规定了各企业的生产规模、价格水平、市场分配...

Our school art festival is coming,and we all want to take part in it. So we make all kinds of mpreparations in group. Students in Group One prepare to take Chinese writing contest and they are now busy writing their compostion...

A 试题分析:考查动词和词组: A. plays玩,打球,比赛,演奏,B. gives 给,C. takes拿D. makes制作,句意:这个和电在我们的生活中所起的作用有关。The part后面是定语从句,定语从句用的短语是play ....part in... 在。。。。中起着。。。。...

cannot understand something clearly

I am glad to take part in the activity called Doing Our Part held by our school English Newsletter. Since we grow older, We have been realized that we are not the children we used to be. Our parents did much to us and they will...


小题1:T小题1:F小题1:T小题1:T小题1:F 小题1:根据表格中右边第二列CCTV Channel 12 12:38 Law Today,可知看法律节目可在 CCTV Channel 12 at noon,故此题是T。小题1:根据表格中的信息CCTV Channel 5 3:12 Football Match,可知看球赛应在CCTV...

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