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hAnDs on什么意思

"hands-on" [ˈhændzˈɔn, -ˈɔ:n] 形容词,意为亲自实践的 例句: Ninety-nine percent of primary pupils now have hands-on experience of computers 译文:现在99%的小学生都亲手操作过电脑。 This hands-on man...

adj.亲自实践的; 实际动手操作的

hands-on training 实习培训 双语例句 1. They also address emergency situations caused by natural disasters or the adverse effects of human activities, and offer opportunities for hands-on training. 这些项目还处理自然灾难造成的紧...

hands-on experience 实践经验;手动的经验;实际动手经验 例句筛选 1. Gain hands-on experience by performing code analysis on a managed project. 通过对托管项目执行代码分析获得实践经验。 2. Gain hands-on experience by profiling a s...

只有all hands on deck 1全体(船员)上甲板(遇紧急情况时命令全体船员上甲板待命的呼叫或信号)。 1.1[用于表示必须全体参加]全体出动: it was all hands on deck getting breakfast ready. 人人动手准备早饭。

get one's hands on v. 把 ... 弄到手; 占有 例句 1.For instance, somebody sells on the net epistolary, you want to receive a love letter, after paying, can get what he writes with one's own hands is epistolary. 比如,有人在网上...


get one's hands on 得到,找到,占有; 用作动词 (v.) Peter read every book he could lay his hands on. 彼得读了他能弄到手的每一本书。 Now we must get hold of that bird's heart. 现在我们必须把那只鸟的心弄到手。 反义词 为 abuse one'...

hands-on workshop 英 [ˈhændzˈɔn ˈwə:kʃɔp] 美 [ˈhændzˈɑn ˈwɚkˌʃɑp] [计]自己动手车间

get one's hands on 得到,找到,占有; 希望能帮助你 有不明白请追问 如果满意了请采纳哦

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