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如果是单句的话就是when can he come? 如果是用在从句中就是when he can come.

你好,I don't think he can come today.

【1】may与might的用法:■表示请求允许:可以May/Might/Can I come in?我可以进来吗?Yes,please.请.He said I might borrow his car.他说我可以借他的车.注意:前


I'm afraid he cannot come this evening.


1 He is so sick that he cannot go to school today.2 Hearing the joke, we cannot help laughing.3 You had better finish today's mission, because we have other things to do tomorrow.4 As a result of various experiments, the professor found what he wanted.5 He accused them of failing to keeping his promise.

您好,选b.because of后面加n.满意速速采纳,!

为什么要用现在进行式啊.如果用“coming”的话,前面是不是要跟个be动词.如is are 等等此类的.但can做的是情态动词后面跟原型的. can+V V是所有动词的原型 be+Ving 现在进行式

come,arrive,go等某些表示趋向性的动词,用现在进行时表示一般将来时的,He is going to come.=He will come He is coming today.=He will be coming today 这些句子表示的就是这个意思.

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