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indicate 英[indikeit] 美[ndket/'ndket] 过去式:indicated 过去分词:indicated 现在分词:indicating 1.标示, 指示, 指出 2.象征; 表明或暗示…的可能性 3.显示(信息);标示 4.写明;注出 5.测量器具; 显示(量度) 6.(用

indicated by表示指示说明双语例句1The time indicated by the striking of this instrument, divided into halfhours.钟和表都是计量和指示时间的精密仪器.2Unless otherwise indicated by employer, Brinell hardness limits apply towelds after pwht.除非业主另有说明,布氏硬度限制适用于经焊后热处理的焊缝.


it is indicated that 它表明indicated adj. 指示的; 表明的;v. 指示; 标示( indicate的过去式和过去分词 ); 象征; 表明或暗示…的可能性;[例句]opinion polls indicated a feeling among the public that it was time for a change民意测验表明,公众认为到了改革的时候了.


indicate vt.-cated, -cating (常与that连用) 指出 A signpost indicated the right road for us to follow.一个路标给我们指出应走的路.暗示 I indicated that his help was not welcome.我表示他的帮助不受欢迎.表示明白 In this map, the towns are

unless otherwise indicated除非另有说明双语对照词典结果:unless otherwise indicated另有说明者除外; 以上结果来自金山词霸例句:1.All guarantees and counter-guarantees are irrevocable unless otherwise indicated. 除非另有说明,所有的保函及反担保函均不可撤销.

if indicated如果显示indicatedadj.表明的; 指示的; v.标示( indicate的过去式和过去分词 ); 指示; 象征; 表明或暗示…的可能性; 例句:1.She has indicated that she may be flexible. 她表示她会可能会灵活应对.2.David cameron had previously indicated he would contemplate more restrictivemeasures. 大卫卡梅伦之前已表明他将考虑更多限制措施.

indicated vt. 指出;显示;表明inferred vt. 推理,推断,推论指出过的推断(理)储量


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