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isolAtE From造句

1. Man differs from beasts in that the former is able to laugh, while the latter aren't.人不同于野兽,因前者能笑,而后者却不能.2. A device that converts a property of an input signal, such as frequency or phase, into an amplitude variation,

你好!前者,isolate with…… 表示与……隔离后者,isolate……from 表示使……与……隔离如果对你有帮助,望采纳.

1. refrain from doing 克制住了,没有做 2. Please refrain from smoking. 请勿吸烟. 3. refrain from any rash action 避免轻率行动 4. can't refrain from falling tears 不禁下泪 5. Refrain from arguing with your mate. 避免和伴侣争吵. 6. To refrain

整个冬天,什么都唤醒不了蛰伏的熊.它要到春天才从冬眠中醒来he would not emerge from hibernation until spring 再看看别人怎么说的.

i am suffering from the headache.我正饱受头痛之苦.

suffer from 遭受 造句:the river is suffering from the pollution from the factories.翻译:小河正在遭受工厂的污染

The library across from my house.(图书馆在我家对面)

l prevent him from going out.我阻止他出去.

suffer vt. 忍受;遭受;经历 vi. 受损害;受痛苦;遭受,忍受;经验 suffer from 忍受,遭受;患…病;受…之苦

I was prevented from going by urgent business. 我因急事不能去. 2. You should prevent from the thieves. 你当然应该防备小偷. 3. These rules can prevent from accident. 这些规则可以预防发生意外. 4. These regulations can prevent from the accidents. 这些规则可以预防发生意外. 5. Use soap wash hand is a way to prevent from sick. 用肥皂洗手是有效防止疾病传播的一种方式

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